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Welcome to the Mobilid documentation

Mobilid adds easy mobile data processing to User Guide * Specifications and licensing * TroubleShooting * Android app on Google Play * Release Notes ===== Dolibarr connector ===== Dolibarr module to connect Mobilid to the Open Source Dolibarr ERP system. Use the Dolibarr ERP system to perform your customer and product administration. Through this module developed by Z-Application, Mobilid can help you to increase the productivity of your business administration. * User Guide * Specifications and licensing * Release notes ===== Tutorial Videos ===== A collection of instruction videos which explain the basic usage and features of Mobilid. * Connect Tutorial * Inventory Tutorial * Picking Tutorial * Order Tutorial * Prospect Tutorial * Mobilid Dispatch Tutorial * Connect Paired bluetooth scanner * Pair bluetooth scanner * Inventory bluetooth scanning * Picking bluetooth scanning * Order bluetooth scanning

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