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Dolibarr connector


Place file into dolibarr root directory on your server. Uncompress file with command:


Module is ready to setup.

You can also install the module using the Dolibarr admin tools Upgrade/Extend option. When installed in this mode you will have to add /custom to the connection URL in the Mobilid app.

Module setup

Activate module

To use this module, you must first enable it.

Activate module

  1. With an administrator account, go on page “Home - Setup - Modules”.
  2. Choose the “interfaces modules” tab.
  3. Look for the “ExtDirect” module.
  4. Then click on “Activate” toggle switch.
  5. Click on module configuration icon to setup the connector.

Module administration

Mobilid connect

Automatic assignment

This mode will automatically connect Mobilid to your system, only use this mode for demo purposes.

Module Auto assign

  1. Choose the authentication tab.
  2. Set Parameter 'Auto Assign' to 'yes' and click 'Modify'.
  3. Set 'Auto User' parameter to user which will be assigned to every Mobilid connection and click 'Modify'.
  4. Click 'Refresh' to see new connections.
Controlled assignment

In this mode you need to confirm each new Mobilid connection, you can also remove (block) a connection. If you remove a connection in the settings screen of the Mobilid app, it will also be removed from the connector.

Controlled assignment

  1. Set Parameter 'AutoAsign' to 'No' and click 'Modify'.
  2. Connect Mobilid (Set URL and Indentification in Mobilid Settings and push back button) and click 'Refresh'.
  3. Select Dolibarr user to assign to the connection.
  4. Click 'Save'.
  5. Tap 'Yes' in Mobilid to confirm the connection.
  6. When you 'Refresh' again you should see the 'Acknowledge' flag set.

You can use this screen also to monitor which type and when a device was last connected. The list is sorted on last connection.

Important, when adding a connection your need to tap the '+' button, only when moving your server you may change the connection URL

Activity tracking

Choose the Activities tab to see all activities of the connected apps. You can see when a Mobilid module was started and finished (timetracking), the duration between start and finish is also shown. You can filter activities by dolibarr user, when filtered you will links to the objects handled by an activity.

Module update

When an existing installation is updated, disable and re-enable module to update module database.

Module usage

This chapter gives you some tips on how to manage actions performed by Mobilid in the Dolibarr ERP System. Give the Mobilid user the correct permissions to the modules used by Mobilid. All stock related modules are compatible with the Dolibarr lot/serial module.

Stock Inventory

You must enable the 'Products' and 'stocks' modules to be able to use the Mobilid Inventory module. Check your stock value before start counting your stock qty, Mobilid will adjust qty immediately.The changes done by the module can be monitored in the 'Stock movements' list in Dolibarr.

Stock movements

Tip: When you start using Dolibarr and you have an existing stock, first add all your products into Dolibarr. Then go to your warehouse and enter the physical stock amounts using Mobilid.

Order Picking

Enable the Shipments module, the picking module will create draft shipments from the collected orders. You still need to validate end send the shipment using the Dolibarr system.

Prospect contacting

Enable the Agenda module, to be able to add events.

Order creating

The order module will create Draft orders, you can validate them in Dolibarr. If required, you can print the order to have it signed by the Customer. Mobilid has not yet the ability to sign orders.

Dispatch supplier order

This is an optional module, please contact Z-Application for receiving a licence key. You need to activate the option 'Increment stock on Dispatch supplier order' in the 'Stock' module.

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