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Network connection

No network detected No network connection enabled on your device or your device is outside the network range. Mobilid will try to reconnect in background, when connection is available again, you can continue.

Server connection

Server error

Server error Server is offline, server session is expired or an error occured on the server. Go to main settings and return to the main screen, the session will be restarted. If the connect error persists, check server and network. Please contact if you can't resolve the error.

Server connect error

Server connect error Mobilid could not find the server during settings configuration, check the used URL in your desktop environment or mobile browser.

Server permissions

Server permission Permission problem, ask server administrator to adapt permissions or assign another system user.

Server Software error

Server Software error There is a software error on the server, check changes in Dolibarr or Connector installation. Revert to previous version if necessary. Restart Mobilid to connect to repaired server or other server. Please contact if you can't resolve the error.

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