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 +==== Order module ====
 +[[ordertutorial|Mobilid Order Tutorial]]
 +[[orderscan|Order bluetooth scanning]]
 +=== Select or create new draft order ===
 +{{ :order_search.png?nolink&540|Order search}}
 +Select a draft order from list to modify order or tap 'New order' button to create a new blank order.
 +{{ :ordersettings.png?nolink&550|Order settings}}
 +=== Module settings ===
 +{{ :order.png?nolink&550|Order}}
 +View order, change payment conditions or add products/services to order. Tap the add product button to search and add a new product or service. Orders and order-lines are instantly created on the remote server. Order totals are calculated by the server.
 +{{ :orderlinews.png?nolink&570|Order lines}}
 +Change or remove orderlines. Scan product barcode to add new product or increment existing order-line containing scanned product.
 +=== Create new order ===
 +{{ :customer_search.png?nolink&550|Customer search}}
 +Search, filter and sort customers, select or create a new customer for creating a new order.
 +{{ :customer.png?nolink&550|Customer}}
 +Change customer attributes if necessary by tapping the edit button from the menu. Entering country and state is not yet provided for a customer, you will have to change this in the ERP system. Tap the order button to create a new draft order for the customer.
 +=== Add products/services to order ===
 +{{ :product_search.png?nolink&550|Product search}}
 +Search, fitler and sort products, select product or service to add to order.
 +{{ :product.png?nolink&550|Product}}
 +Adjust required quantity and discount and tap 'Add to order' or 'Save' if you are editing existing orderline.
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