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Device compatibility list

Supported Barcode readers

Bluetooth devices

Normally any Bluetooth scanner which supports SPP mode should work.

These are the tested models:

  • Microvision ROV
  • Opticon OPN Data collector series
  • Generalscan Bluetooth Laser Companion Barcode Scanner
  • Eyoyo scanner (select Eyoyo or Opticon, depends on HW version)
  • Inateck BCST-10 (select Generalscan)
  • QS scanners from Qunsuo (select Opticon for 2D version, Generalscan for 1D version)
  • (select Opticon)

PDA with built in barcode readers

  • Zebra TC, EC and MC series.
  • Honeywell CT series
  • Datalogic Skorpio X5/Memor 20/Memor 10/Memor 1/Memor K/Joya A6/DL-Axist-X4
  • Chainway C7x, setup: Broadcast name: 'com.scanner.broadcast' - Broadcast data key: 'data'
  • Newland MT65, MT90, N7000
  • PDA-401 from Qunsuo, also not standard shipped with android system webview. You need to uninstall de default scanner demo app to avoid conflict with Mobilid. Also advised to set display font size to max for best readability.
  • PDA-5502 from Qunsuo, setup: Broadcast name: 'com.qs.scancode' - Broadcast data key: 'data'
  • ScanSku PDA (ipda018)
  • Winmate E500, compatible with E430 and S430. You need to install the Android system webview from play store, Winmate is not standard shipped with android system webview (Uses optimized Chrome V8 engine for web rendering).
  • MioWork/MioCare A300 series.
  • Other devices with a broadcast and data key setting.
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