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   * MioWork/​MioCare A300 series.   * MioWork/​MioCare A300 series.
   * [[http://​​product/​4G-handheld-Android-barcode-scanner.html|PDA 401]] from Qunsuo.   * [[http://​​product/​4G-handheld-Android-barcode-scanner.html|PDA 401]] from Qunsuo.
 +  * Zebra TC20/TC25
 ===== System resources and licensing ===== ===== System resources and licensing =====
 Mobilid is a stand-alone application commercial licensed by Z-Application. Mobilid is a stand-alone application commercial licensed by Z-Application.
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 Mobilid is build upon ExtJS [[http://​​legal/​sencha-sdk-software-license-agreement|Commercial license]]. Mobilid is build upon ExtJS [[http://​​legal/​sencha-sdk-software-license-agreement|Commercial license]].
 ==== Device platform ==== ==== Device platform ====
-Mobilid uses Apache Cordova 8.1.2/​Cordova android ​7.1.for device related code, [[http://​​licenses/​LICENSE-2.0|Apache 2.0 licensed]].+Mobilid uses Apache Cordova 8.1.2/​Cordova android ​8.0.for device related code, [[http://​​licenses/​LICENSE-2.0|Apache 2.0 licensed]].
 === Non standard Cordova plugins === === Non standard Cordova plugins ===
   * Camera barcode reader [[https://​​phonegap/​phonegap-plugin-barcodescanner|phonegap-plugin-barcodescanner]],​ [[https://​​licenses/​MIT|MIT licensed]].   * Camera barcode reader [[https://​​phonegap/​phonegap-plugin-barcodescanner|phonegap-plugin-barcodescanner]],​ [[https://​​licenses/​MIT|MIT licensed]].
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