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 ====== Mobilid Release Notes ====== ====== Mobilid Release Notes ======
 +===== Version 1.1.193 beta =====
 +==== New ====
 +  * Add https authentication user and password fields
 +  * Add filling lot fields from GS1 code in InventoryPlus
 +==== Fix ====
 +  * Fix barcode with URL must contain http...
 +  * Fix GS1 parsing, remove 'internal variant code' too short and could be false parsed
 +  * Fix for Android versions not containing '' (like /e/OS which has
 +===== Version 1.1.190 =====
 +==== Fix ====
 +  * Fix wrong translation of cancel button.
 +  * Fix show MO production page when showing dolibarr.
 +  * Fix clear detail panel before loading new data.
 +  * Fix data recover not always working for shipment and MO.
 +  * Fix set MO to on process when a consumed qty is set.
 +  * Fix always hide file upload field on form show, should only be shown on demand.
 +  * Fix manufacture order product searchtext not stored.
 +  * Deprecate orderline price and set cost_price as critical.
 +  * Fix Manufacture order checkbox setting 'auto scan new product'.
 +===== Version 1.1.187 =====
 +==== Fix ====
 +  * Fix add product image from camera or library for Android 13
 +  * Fix Step increment Dispatch module
 +===== Version 1.1.186 =====
 +==== New ====
 +  * Add manufacture order add/edit line mode.
 +  * New specific Dolibarr Mobilid field to show in product lists, picking list, dispatch list and inventory plus product form. Field is also editable in inventory plus product form.
 +  * Add support Honeywell CT series PDA with barcode reader.
 +  * Add support Zebra MC series PDA with barcode reader.
 +  * Add step increment update from mobilid extrafield.
 +  * Show product weight an size in picking details. Show calculated weight and size for shipments.
 +  * Add MO producible status.
 +==== Fix ====
 +  * Fix Manufacture order set picked on other line location/batch.
 +  * Fix only get batch selected line if product scanned is same as product of line.
 +  * Fix picking scan non EAN/UPC barcode.
 +  * Fix authentication loop on connection timeout.
 +  * Fix hardware backbutton on filterpanel.
 +  * Fix blank product list after modify by scan barcode. Barcode should be cleared.
 +  * Fix Scan dispatch, remove packaging prefix and recalc checksum when scan GS1. Also batch should match on scan increment.
 +  * Fix optionals checkbox field is checked even if raw value is "0".
 +  * Fix dispatch lines, refilter because related local filter cleared.
 +  * Fix GS1 PARSING, only remove start FNC1 to have split of 2 variable length AI's.
 +  * Fix timezone mismatch, send local timezone info to server.
 +  * Fix get correct webview version info.
 +===== Version 1.1.183 =====
 +==== New ====
 +  * New option in inventoryplus and exit stock to search product by scanning GS1-128.
 +  * Allow scan gs1 in dispatch lines.
 +  * New module 'Manufacture order picking'.
 +  * Add support for Zebra TC52,TC53, TC57, TC58, EC50 and EC55.
 +  * Hide module if not enabled or no rights to read on Dolibarr.
 +  * Add Designation field for stock movement in inventoryplus module.
 +==== Fix ====
 +  * Fix crash on app destroy for Zebra devices.
 +  * Fix scan button layout exit stock batch search.
 +  * Fix only show batches from selected warehouse in inventory.
 +  * Fix Picking skip not found warning if duplicate batch.
 +  * Remove warehouse in title option, product list is always grouped.
 +  * Fix disable sort picker when on line detail screen.
 +  * Fix avoid reset of selected default customer if customer store not loaded.
 +  * Fix edit of checkbox type extrafield.
 +  * Fix visualization of checkbox list type extrafield. Add read only option.
 +  * Not allow to use php or html file in provider URL.
 +  * Disable all update price options when multicurrency enabled.
 +  * Fix allow edit product on 0 stock product.
 +  * Fix picking scan sometimes not found when product has default warehouse. If batch product selected and scan not found, selected was incremented.
 +===== Version 1.1.179 =====
 +==== New ====
 +  * Add 'Identify' option.
 +     * Notify user he has to scan his QR code.
 +     * Unlock when when QR ok or show error when QR nok.
 +     * Replace main settings button by lock button for identify enabled user.
 +     * QR code is license field (can be part of license between the dashes).
 +     * Show warning when license field empty.
 +     * Allow switch user by scan when user is in identify mode
 +  * New mark (grey) shipment in shipment list when scanned product already packaged.
 +  * Add update of dolibarr cost price field.
 +  * Improve product form: price should be sell price, tosell tobuy field do not to be visible if filtered.
 +  * New picking option: Allow creation of negative lines.
 +  * Add list search to dispatch, purchase, order, picking and shipment.
 +  * Add list scan to order and purchase.
 +  * Add option to show validated orders in order module.
 +  * Add option to add default customer for order.
 +  * Add sort direction for picking lines sort.
 +  * Add scan lot value in inventory(plus) product form when empty lot field.
 +==== FIX ====
 +  * Fix, do not load warehouses on unexisting connection.
 +  * Fix sort on buy price iso sell price for purchase product.
 +  * Update price in purchase module not available when order by product, so disabled field.
 +  * Fix update for duplicate identification.
 +  * Fix problem with option to show virtual stock.
 +  * Fix missing translations in purchase module.
 +  * Improve warehouse sort on picking, dispatch and shipment lines.
 +  * Improve hide bottomtoolbar, now only on very small screen sizes.
 ===== Version 1.1.174 ===== ===== Version 1.1.174 =====
 ==== New ==== ==== New ====
Line 16: Line 111:
   * New option for inventory module to hide no stock products when a warehouse is selected on the main screen.   * New option for inventory module to hide no stock products when a warehouse is selected on the main screen.
 ==== FIX ==== ==== FIX ====
-  * Problem with auto disable module un permission error.+  * Fix problem with auto disable module on permission error.
   * Fix edit lot option.   * Fix edit lot option.
   * Fix reset order qty label before add unit to label.   * Fix reset order qty label before add unit to label.
Line 23: Line 118:
   * Fix rounding stock product list.   * Fix rounding stock product list.
   * Fix rounding of qty in picking list.   * Fix rounding of qty in picking list.
-  * Only parse GS1 gtin for inventory/remove if product barcode is ean or upc. For picking with GS1 lot, product has to have a gtin type barcode.+  * Only parse GS1 gtin for inventory/remove if product barcode is EAN or UPC. For picking with GS1 lot, product has to have a gtin type barcode.
   * Fix set pick slot value.   * Fix set pick slot value.
-  * Fix dispatch default warehouse for 'lot' products+  * Fix dispatch default warehouse for 'lot' products.
   * Fix settings values trim spaces not stored.   * Fix settings values trim spaces not stored.
   * Fix issue with some SSL certificate on older Android version.   * Fix issue with some SSL certificate on older Android version.
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